Small businesses need to be able to act quickly, in order to keep things moving and ensure profitability. Fast response times are down to good communication that, in turn, maximises efficiency. That’s the goal, anyway. But what if things aren’t running smoothly? One way to fix that is by integrating an intranet into your workplace.

An intranet is an internal network that helps your business stay connected. This generally includes things like websites, portals and email. Larger corporations use intranets due to the sheer size of their workforce, but that doesn’t mean that small businesses can’t use them too. Using an intranet to stay in touch can benefit both your business and work relations.

There is No “I” in “Team”

Unless your business plan is to fly solo, teamwork is important. Using an intranet can be vital for keeping your team informed and up to date. Especially in a small business, it can seem like everybody knows everybody, and everyone is up to speed on what everyone else is doing. This can lead to crossed wires and miscommunications, which can slow down or disrupt your operations. Using an intranet can be key to focusing on goals and implementing proper planning. Integrating an intranet into your business can help in setting out clear goals and facilitating effective teamwork.

Save Time and Save Money.

It’s common sense that wasted time in the workplace means wasted money. Using an intranet in your business can stop time-wasting, because information is always readily available to your team. When important information, such as deadlines, meeting dates and workplace policies are all made easily available, people find it easier to stay on top of things. It can lead to a big boost in productivity levels.

Why Not Email?

You could just use email instead of an intranet, but we don’t recommend it. Unlike email, using an intranet will allow you to collaborate and edit in real-time circumstances. This will minimize opportunities for confusion and miscommunication. An intranet solution from Quikteks can enhance communication with your business and promote efficient working practices.

We’ll work with you to determine what your business requires and assist in integrating an intranet solution into your IT infrastructure At Quikteks, we’re IT professionals who make the technology do the hard work, so you don’t have to. Contact us for a free intranet consultation at (973) 882-4644. Stop worrying about whether tasks will get done by implementing an intranet solution from Quikteks.

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