What would you do if your business were suddenly struck by disaster? Do you have a plan in place to make sure that your business survives natural disasters, hardware failure, user error, or hacking attacks? Risk management and the implementation of a business continuity plan are vital.

How to Handle Emergencies

Never forget the safety of your workers. OSHA, or the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, provides materials that you can post in a visible location within your office. Furthermore, you should practice escape maneuvers. Hold a company meeting to talk about emergency procedures with the whole staff.

Keep the Worst in Mind

Ask yourself what you would do if your physical office were destroyed. How would you recover your data if it were reduced to a smoldering pile of ashes? These days, anything can happen.

Consider the ramifications of data loss. Most businesses that cannot effectively restore their data will go out of business within a year. It’s imperative that you have preventative solutions in place.

Don’t Leave All Your Eggs in One Basket

Off-site backup is crucial to keeping your data secure in a disaster. The more locations your data is stored at, the lower the chance all copies will be destroyed. If your data backups are stored in the cloud, you can deploy your data from anywhere immediately, even if your in-house infrastructure is destroyed. With a device to restore the data to, you’re right back in business.

Keeping Your Backups Maintained

Once you are set up with a backup and restoration system, make sure that your system is being properly maintained. Monitor your backups carefully and maintain your backup solutions. Make sure that they are taking effective snapshots. Run drills so that you know how to handle emergency situations. It’s also a good idea to keep your eyes open for developing improvements as they come online.

We Recommend the BDR

What you need is a powerful solution like a Backup and Disaster Recovery. BDR can automatically take backups as often as every fifteen minutes, and restore your data directly to the BDR device in an emergency, eliminating downtime and ensuring that your business can survive a disaster.

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