The largest and most important components of your network are your servers. You can line up your servers on a big table and they will work, but we recommend server racks.

Setting up your servers with racks improves server performance, makes your servers easier to maintain, and increases security. Here’s why:

Good Airflow = Improved Performance

Proper airflow is the key to keeping your servers happy. Obstructed air vents increase server temperature, which causes performance to drag, and adds the risk of overheating. Even with your servers on a tabletop, if the server units get pushed up against a wall or against other pieces of technology, airflow can suffer.

Server racks are designed to keep servers securely in place and to maximize airflow. Server racks are also available with built-in cooling systems. A server rack is also customizable; empty shelves can be removed and covered with blanking panels to increase airflow even more.

Easier to Maintain

Servers kept on racks make for easy maintenance. Everything is where it is supposed to be and cables can be easily bundled. Many server racks are fitted with wheels, or the shelves slide out for easy access. The tidy setup makes for greater efficiency.

On a personal note, over the years we have had to squeeze our bodies into some pretty tight spots to work on servers. Any business that uses a server rack makes us happy because they allow our technicians to get in and out quicker, -and service jobs are billed by the hour. Jobs that have server racks also cause fewer bumps and less bruising; another reason why we love them.

Increase Security

You have security measures to keep hackers from accessing your network; but do you have security in place to keep unwanted people from accessing your network directly from the server? That’s like having a big lock on your front door while keeping your windows open. Server racks use locked panels to protect your servers. There are server racks available with multiple locks in case you only want to lock up certain units.

What Kind of Server Rack Should I Get?

Server racks are very customizable and can be built to meet your specific needs. There are gazillions of features that you can add to your rack: fixed or rollout shelves, monitors, power strips, seismic bracing, fans, cable management, keyboard trays, joining kits, reducer rails, utility drawers, adjustable angle brackets, blanking panels and more.

Shopping for a server rack? Call Quikteks Tech Support at (973) 882-4644. We can design a server rack specifically for your needs and budget.

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