Marketers love to paste QR codes on just about everything; from newspapers, DVD cases, retail displays, even fast food wrappers! QR codes are great for marketing, giving consumers instant access to a company’s website, but QR codes also have many practical uses beyond advertising. Here are three helpful tricks you might not have known.

Add a Contact

Want to ensure someone gets all of your contact info? You can create a QR code that automatically adds your contact info to someone’s smartphone. QR codes makes adding new contact information as easy waving a magic wand. Simply scan the code and say “Abracadabra Contactus Informationios” and the contact will magically appear in your phone. Admittedly, most smartphones do not require the incantation, but it has been known to boost QR Code scanning performance.

Adding a contact by scanning a QR Code is slightly different than a normal scan, for most smartphones, you will need to go to Add Contact > Scan a Person’s Barcode. You can also make QR Codes with your own contact information and attach it your business cards and fliers. Your tech savvy clients will love you for this.

Give Directions

Advertisements for businesses and events often includes a QR code that allows you to save the location on your map application for easy directions. You can make your own QR code directing customers to your location. These QR codes for maps will also include your contact information. After scanning the code, the user will be given the option to pull up a map or have their device navigate them to the scanned address.

Wi-Fi Login

Don’t hassle with complicated Wi-Fi passwords when letting your users connect their mobile devices to your network. You and your users to scan a QR code to connect to your Wi-Fi network. QR codes are very convenient for Wi-Fi networks with long security keys. Whether you offer public Wi-Fi to anybody or just allow your staff to connect with their mobile devices, connecting can be as simple as scanning the code.

QR codes are extremely versatile and can fit a decent amount of information into a tiny place . QR Codes were originally created to speed up automotive assembly lines. Over the years, QR Codes have rapidly developed into a helpful tool that speeds up mundane tasks. Want to take advantage of any of these QR code capabilities? Give us a call at PHONENUMBER!

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