In business, time is money. Is your bottom line suffering even though it feels as if your business is going well? It’s worthwhile checking your downtime, because it may be hitting your profits. But how do you estimate how IT downtime is affecting your business? We have two mathematical formulas you can use to see the impact that downtime has.

Loss of sales is one indicator. The formula is:
Yearly Revenue/Business Hours x IT Impact to Sales % = Lost Sales

Lost productivity is another key indicator. The formula is:
Employees Affected x Average Employee Cost Per Hour x Average % Affected by IT = Lost Productivity

These two formulae are tools to objectively quantify IT downtime and associated losses. So – what are the causes of IT downtime? They can be small issues like applications loading slowly. More serious time-wasting issues include having to hang around while failed hardware is fixed or replaced. These glitches have a cumulative effect and might be eating more of your valuable time than you realize. That’s without factoring in more disastrous scenarios, like fire, floods or sustained power outages. Coming back from extended episodes of downtime can be crippling for any business.

Fortunately, there are ways to control and curb IT downtime. It’s about being proactive rather than reactive. Investing time in measures to ensure seamless IT functioning, such as preventing computer crashes, will save time down the line. At Quikteks we specialize in proactive system maintenance. With remote monitoring we take care of the small issues that can cause big problems later on. Preventing malfunctions is the best solution to minimize downtime.

If you’re unlucky enough to be hit with a major catastrophe then we offer a backup disaster and recovery solution (BDR) so you can get back up and running as soon as possible. Your data is backed up and stored offsite. This offers security against cybercrime as well as other potential disasters that can shut down your operations. With a strong BDR solution your entire server can be hosted, so you can carry on working while your systems are being repaired and restored.

Knowing what IT downtime really costs your company will help you to budget for your IT needs effectively. IT remote monitoring and a BDR solution are a bargain when compared with the costs that downtime entails. This combination solution is the ultimate proactive strategy to make sure downtime doesn’t stall your operations. We’d be delighted to advise you on remote monitoring solutions and strategies to maximize your uptime and minimize downtime. Give Quikteks a call on (973) 882-4644. Your Phone + Our Phone + Our Expertise = Time + Money for You!

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